Video and Resources from Transforming Congregations Engaging Communities

The UCC’s Evangelism page has posted a series of videos and other resources from the evangelism conference held in Detroit last November: View the outstanding preaching that captivated the audience at the Evangelism conference in Detroit 2 – 5 November 2011.  Use these segments to encourage and excite your church to move forward with planning […]

A Saint Patrick’s Day Lesson

What a perfect time to read or re-read George Hunter’s thought provoking and hopefully action-oriented book, “The Celtic Way of Evangelism: How Christianity Can Reach the West Again”. Here are a few quotes to ponder as we think about St. Patrick, and the Irish, and the need we have as individual Christians and as churches […]

Landon Whitsitt Ponders ‘The New Evangelism’

Originally posted at on January 30th, 2012 Last night I found a pretty cool doc as I was cruising Vimeo. It’s called Influencers: How Trends and Creativity Become Contagious. As I watched, my mind naturally went to the idea of “pastors as influencers,” mostly because, well, I self-identify as a pastor. But the more […]

Warner’s Advice to Tebow: Let Your Actions Show Your Faith

from Bruce Laverman: You wouldn’t usually go to the Sports Page of the local newspaper for some sound advice on evangelism, but here it is from the Arizona Republic, Sunday. November 27, 2011, in an article by the newspaper’s sports columnist, Dan Bickley: “Warner’s advice to Tebow: Let your actions show your faith” “Take a knee […]

God Complex Radio Talks to Martha Grace Reese about Unbinding the Gospel

Recently the excellent podcast God Complex Radio, hosted by Landon Whitsitt, Carol Howard Merritt and Derrick Weston, talked to Martha Grace Reese about her “Unbinding … ” book series and evangelism in the current Mainline landscape. Here’s an excerpt from the post about the episode, followed by a link to the audio: “Evangelism” has become […]

Social Media and Communication in the Future Church

Christopher Harris knows his stuff when it comes to social media and technology in the church. Here’s a very useful article from FaithGrowth on that topic: Social Media is all the buzz these days. For those in the church this new technology leaves us wondering how to use this tool as a means to support […]

Nadia Bolz-Weber: Entering the stream of the faithful | Faith & Leadership

Over at the Faith and Leadership blog, Nadia Bolz-Weber shares some insightful ideas about authentic ministry and evangelism by anchoring innovation in tradition and by being oneself: Older folks from the church will say, “What do young adults want? What do they want so that we can do it?” I’m like, “I’ve never had to […]