The New Evangelism, Revisited

||This article was originally posted at and reprinted here with the author’s permission.|| Last January, I offered a few thoughts on what a “New Evangelism” might look like. In that post, I cribbed the ideas from a documentary I had watched aboutinfluencers, asking if the church could reframe its thinking on evangelism in light of […]

God Complex Radio Talks to Martha Grace Reese about Unbinding the Gospel

Recently the excellent podcast God Complex Radio, hosted by Landon Whitsitt, Carol Howard Merritt and Derrick Weston, talked to Martha Grace Reese about her “Unbinding … ” book series and evangelism in the current Mainline landscape. Here’s an excerpt from the post about the episode, followed by a link to the audio: “Evangelism” has become […]

A Motley Blog Link Roundup for March 24

In lieu of more prattle from me this week, I’m offering a series of links to some of the recent posts from my tribe of friends & fellow travelers. These are the things that’ve had me thinking, praying, yelling, talking & writing over the past week or so. Not all of them might be considered […]